Online Events

Online Events 2020

1st Online Mini-Conference

On 9th May 2020 IP&SEN SIG together with TESOL Spain organized
the 1st Online Mini-Conference. If you would like to (re)watch Anne Margaret Smith’s webinar titled: ‘Transferring Inclusive Practices to Online Teaching‘ or Rachel Harris’s webinar titled: ‘Happy Students Make a Happy Classroom‘ go to: then login to your IATEFL account and go to My resources tab and then SIG resources to find these great videos!

Just to remind you: Anne Margaret Smith is the SIG’s coordinator and Rachel Harris is our Social Media Coordinator. If you want to meet the whole team follow the link:

Inclusion in ELT – Global Perspectives

On Saturday, 28 November, 2020 IP&SEN SIG collaborated with
5 partner SIGs to bring you a one-day pop-up online symposium Inclusion in ELT – Global Perspectives exploring issues of inclusion in English Language Teaching.

The first presenter was Davey Young from TESOL International Association (US) Supporting Students With Disabilities (SSDIS) Section.Davey’s presentation was titled Making space for inclusive practice in English language teacher training. You can watch Davey’s presentation below.

The second presenter was John Corbett from Brazil Tesol Intercultural Language Education SIG. John’s presentation was titled Negotiating diverse identities in telecollaborations.You can watch John’s presentation below.

The third presenter was Aleks Palanac from BALEAP EAP Social Justice SIG. Aleks’s presentation was titled Trauma-informed pedagogy in ELT for refugee students. You can watch Aleks’s presentation below.

The panel discussion devoted to the language of inclusion was facilitated by Davey Young. You can watch the video below.

The fourth presenter was Maha Hassan from Inclusive Practices and SEN SIG. Maha’s presentation was titled New CEFR revisions, inclusive practices, win-win situation. You can watch Maha’s presentation below.

The fifth presenter was Xenia Konstantinopoulou from TESOL Greece Specific Learning Differences SIG. Xenia’s presentation was titled Language and cognitive development of children with focal brain lesion. You can watch Xenia’s presentation below.

The last presenters were Maha Hosny and Sherihan Morsi from Nile TESOL English for Inclusive Education SIG. The presentation was titled Using technology in remote inclusive classrooms and in homeschooling. You can watch Maha and Sherihan’s presentation below.

Live Events 2018

Dare To Be Different: Learn, Develop, Succeed

November 2018 (with TESOL Greece & BELTA) 

Making Pronunciation Inclusive    

October 2018 (with PRON SIG)

You can find the information here.

Reaching out and Unlocking Potential

November 2018 (at the PARK conference) Brno 

You can find all the information about the conference here and here.

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