Book Club

Why Book Club?

  • To help you learn something new
  • To spend an hour in the company of other ELT professionals who are committed to creating a truly inclusive classroom
  • To meet the author of a groundbreaking book
  • To help you broaden your network, your experience and, who knows, maybe even your mind

So far we have discussed:

Upcoming Book Clubs

11 June (Saturday) – 4 p.m. CET

This time, we’ll be discussing “How To Write Inclusive Materials” and we are incredibly excited to be welcoming the author of the book, Tyson Seburn, to our meeting.

Tyson Seburn (MA EdTech & TESOL, University of Manchester) is a lecturer in and assistant director of an EAP foundation year at the University of Toronto and a tutor on Oxford TEFL Barcelona’s Trinity DipTESOL course. He has volunteered on local and international teacher association committees, most recently IATEFL TDSIG Coordinator. His personal and professional experiences inspired his interest in Queer and racialised ELT experiences, and thus ways to improve practices and materials. He discusses critical and inclusive pedagogies via his ( and social media (@seburnt). He is the author of Academic Reading Circles (2015) and How to Write Inclusive Materials (2021).

The Zoom link to join the meeting is:

If there’s a book you’d like to discuss please contact us at [email protected] with your suggestions.

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