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Sunday 29th October           15:00 CET           Marie Delaney
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SEBD (Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) as a SEN:
the effects of loss, trauma and poor early years attachment on learning and behaviour in the classroom and how English language activities can help to address this.

Children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in our classrooms can seem unteachable and unreachable. SEBD is also a Special Educational Need. By understanding the underlying reasons for poor behaviour and often emotional blocks to learning, we can begin to develop strategies to engage them in learning. This webinar will look at

  • understanding the effects of loss, trauma and disrupted attachment on the brain and learning
  • recognising and changing negative patterns of behaviour between these children and the teacher : the effects of unconscious defence mechanisms
  • recognising emotional blocks to learning :the importance of understanding children’s internal worlds, fears and anxieties
  • Strategies and activities which can be used in the English language class to address emotional blocks to learning and to help with behaviour

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Marie Delaney trained in the UK as an Educational Psychotherapist, English Language, Modern Foreign Languages Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She now lives in Ireland and is Director of the Learning Harbour, Cork. She has extensive experience of working with pupils with special educational needs and the teachers who teach them.  She has worked on community projects with young offenders, gang members, and in primary and secondary mainstream schools with pupils considered ‘unteachable.’ She has worked in special schools and alternative education provisions. She has been Director of Studies for International House, Course Director for Teacher Training at Pilgrims, and has trained teachers in several countries for Pilgrims, UNICEF and the British Council.   Her main interests are helping schools create inclusive learning environments, to deal with challenging behaviour, furthering teacher and student well being and engaging all students in meaningful learning.



Attachment for Teachers ( Worth Publishing 2017)

Into the Classroom : Special Educational Needs ( OUP 2016)

‘What can I do with the kid who…’ (Worth Publishing 2010)

Teaching the Unteachable (Worth Publishing 2009)

Contributing chapters in ‘Teenagers and Attachment’, (Worth Publishing 2010) and ‘Why can’t I help this child to learn?’ (Karnac Books, 2012)

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Co-author with Sally Farley of the British Council SEN online course for teachers. Available on www.teachingenglish.org.uk

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