IP & SEN SIG Newsletter 2 is coming soon.
This is the contents:

Meet the team! – Anne Margaret & Varinder

Special Educational Needs:  Stories in Language Teaching – Andrew Wright

Awakening to inclusion: An in-service teacher’s experience – Craig Robertson

Creating successful dyslexics – Neil Alexander-Passe

8 Behavior Support Techniques for your classroom – Trisha Katkin

Teaching for Neurodiversity: meeting the needs of all our learners – Liz Horobin

Making learning vocabulary a memorable experience for everyone! – Vanessa Reis Esteves

9 reasons to use visuals (image designed by Kristin Weins)

Exam Access arrangements – interview of Mary Burzminski, the Cambridge Examinations Exams Centre Exams Manager in Geneva, Switzerland – Rachael Harris

Top Tips & Resources – Anne Margaret Smith

Book review – Rachael Harris

Here are the highlights of our first newsletter:newsletter 1 cover only

02 Message from the acting co-ordinator – Varinder Unlu   [opens in a new page]

03 Welcome from the IP&SEN SIG newsletter editor
Rachael Harris

04 Meet the Team! –  Phil Dexter, Anette Igel

06 Stephen and the Internet – Patricia Bell

09 Giving adult learners another chance to learn English – Anne Margaret Smith

12 Supporting adults with Asperger’s – Rachel Roberts

16 Multisensory, structured, metacognitive method in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) to dyslexic learners: the learner’s perspective (a case study from Croatia) – Agnieszka Kaldonek-Crnjakovic

22 Neurodiversity: It’s not what we think but how we think! – Phil Dexter
[opens in a new page]

25 ADHD in the classroom… I’ll certainly manage! – Rom Neves

28 I’d Rather you DIDN’T Translate that for ME, Teacher! – Naomi Ganin Epstein

30 Book Review – Editor


Our third newsletter will be a special edition on bullying and well-being in the classroom.
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