Call for Papers – deadline extension!!!

Joint Pre-Conference Event, Brighton April 2024

We are extending the proposal deadline to 31 January 2023!!!

AI in Inclusive Practices (IP)

We are delighted to announce a Joint Pre-Conference Event (PCE) between the Inclusive Practices and Special Educational Needs SIG (IP&SEN SIG) & English UK, focusing on the theme of “AI in Inclusive Practices.” This event will explore the powerful impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in promoting inclusivity and equitable practices in Language Teaching organizations (LTOs).

Theme: AI in Inclusive Practices – Revolutionizing Inclusion in LTOs

Advancements in AI have the potential to revolutionize how we approach inclusivity in Language Teaching organizations. This PCE invites researchers, educators, policy makers, and practitioners to submit proposals on themes related to AI-driven solutions in fostering inclusive practices within LTOs. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • AI for Diverse Learning Styles: Presentations on AI applications that cater to diverse learning styles and promote equitable learning experiences for all students.
  • AI-Driven Accessibility Solutions: Exploring how AI can enhance accessibility in LTOs, ensuring inclusivity for all individuals.
  • Ethical AI in Inclusive Education: Discussions on the ethical considerations and guidelines when implementing AI in educational settings, promoting fairness and avoiding bias.
  • AI-Powered Personalized Learning: Exploring AI-driven personalized learning experiences that adapt to individual learner needs, promoting better learning outcomes.
  • AI in Multicultural Environments: How AI can facilitate cultural inclusivity and create a supportive environment for learners from diverse cultural backgrounds.

PCE Format:

The event will be conducted in hybrid mode, enabling both in-person and virtual participation. We invite proposals for 45-minute sessions (35-minute talk and 10-minute Q&A) in the form of interactive talks or workshops, focused on the transformative role of AI in fostering inclusivity within Language Teaching organizations. Presenters will also be expected to participate in discussion slots at the end of the morning and afternoon sessions.

Submission Guidelines:

To be considered for presentation at the PCE, please complete the proposal form available at this submission link and submit it to [email protected].

Sharing Your Information:

By submitting a speaker proposal for this joint PCE, you agree to share your Name and Email address with the IP&SENSIG. If selected to present at the PCE, these details will be included in the event’s programme, on the respective SIG websites, and on social media platforms. Please ensure to treat each other’s details with confidentiality in accordance with IATEFL’s Privacy Policy.

We eagerly anticipate contributions that explore the transformative potential of AI in promoting inclusivity and advancing equitable practices within Language Teaching organizations.

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